Here at Beauty Barks Haworth we are city and guilds level 3 diploma trained and qualified in all aspects of pet and professional styling ranging from popular Cockapoo, Doodles and puppy teddy cuts to breed standard elegant Poodles, Schnauzers and Westies, All breeds are welcome any size from teacup Yorkies to giant soppy Great Danes.

The best and latest equipment is used to bathe, dry and style your pet, using hydraulic machinery and hand dryers (absolutely no cabinet dryers here!)

Hand stripping – All stylist are trained in the art of hand stripping technique to breed standard, most suitable for Terriers, Pointers and wire-haired pooches. Time and prices will vary on the breed and size of the dog

Pet styling – during your consultation we will discuss your desired style, this can vary from popular teddy/puppy trim keeping your furball fluffy but neat and tidy, we will also discuss full clip offs popular for a low maintenance trim for active dogs such as spaniels.

De-shed – Removing the dead fur and dander is essential to maintain a healthy coat, this needs to be done at least seasonally but more often depending on the breed and coat condition and to prevent matting, a full de-shed will be completed with a paw tidy and sanity trim if needed, this includes a bath and brush out.

Mini groom – Perfect for a mid-appointment freshen up, after a long wet weekend or if your dog is prone to matting this will keep their coat in tiptop condition, the mini groom includes a cleansing bath, fringe trim, paw tidy, sanitary trim and nail clip

Luxury grooms – For added pamper ask us about our blueberry facials, pawdicure and paw wax, nose balm, ear cleaning and a nourishing ear massage, premium products and cologne

De-matting – This is included in the groom for the first 15 minutes, Beauty Barks Harworth strictly works to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and will not put an animal through the unnecessary suffering of de-matting, if a shave of is required this will incur an additional fee of £10, this will be discussed in the consultation

Prices vary from size, breed and coat condition